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Starting A New Online Business? Consider This First

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There are many great benefits to starting an online business that are beyond comparison with traditional business start-ups. You can begin your online venture with little or no capital, it requires little initial “business planning”, and the barrier to entering the online world is much lower than a traditional model.

However, beginning your online business also has drawbacks and distractions as you must distinguish yourself from all of the other “noise” that is out there also attempting to make a worthy income with an online mindset. This partially explains why less than 5% of online start-ups actually make any money let alone turn a profit as the online home business model is so attractive to so many people.

So before you dive in online, perhaps with a simple blog as a result of an idea you have, here are a few considerations to take into account as you begin your online journey.

  1.  Market identification and determining if you can profit from it
  2. Market research, targeting, and determining needs
  3. Developing your web presence and value proposition
  4. How to generate and deliver content
  5. How to drive traffic to your content
  6. Converting and monetizing your traffic for profit

These are a few critical areas that can certainly be broken down into specific components as you plan your online business. The internet is filled with advice and courses with tactics and tools dedicated to each of these areas. Because of all of the online advice, digital products, and distractions it is very easy to become distracted or worse yet paralyze yourself in the depths of over analysis and not even get started.

Initial planning followed by action, whether good or not, is the best way to move forward. Every business will need to adjust to the constant moving online world. The main thing is to just get started.

Taking On The Quick Start Challenge

Aspiring online marketers everywhere, including me, have dedicated themselves to the Quick Start Challenge…once again led by the Dean Holland and his great team of online coaches. Like hundreds of others I have joined them in the trenches for the next 4 weeks with a goal to establish an online business that I can be proud of and scale to new heights.

focus imgAppropriately, Dean kicked off week one dedicating a great deal of time emphasizing mindset, focus, and dedication to all of the new students taking on the challenge with version 3.0. Right now the vibe is high and the group wants to taste online success as we hang on each valuable word treating it like gospel.

The Test of Time…

Everybody knows the distractions that await in your inbox and the online noise that often keeps up distracted the spirit for success is commonly uprooted by the “next big thing” The Challenge emphasized that this noise exists and always will but self discipline and focus will be the key to overcoming the distractions and not allowing the marketing world once again interfere with our track to success.

At this point we all must believe in the process and put in the necessary work up front in order to reap the fruits of success. Dean and his crew walked in our shoes not too long ago and now it’s time to trust the process that is being laid before us in the Challenge…

Marketing Success At Home

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